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Lifestyle & Event Photography

South-East Queensland

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Angela & David    

Our passion is using our images as in-depth explorations of identity, community, diversity, and service.

We believe in the importance of giving a voice to every member of every community. We believe in using our photography to give a visible platform to those who are traditionally unseen and dismissed, and we know it is our duty to use our skills to lift those around us. 

Today we live in a world in which more people than ever create and consume images. Photography may be our most powerful means to inspiring positive change.

It would be an honour to assist you to highlight the beauty of your community by capturing and immortalising the strength of your authentic force that enables you to show up in this tumultuous world unapologetically exactly as you are. 


We volunteer our photography to support different people, communities, Not For Profits, organizations, and causes. 

Volunteering our photographic skills and expertise is a brilliant way for us to make a contribution to our community and increase the visibility of those who deserve to have their voices heard. 

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